Heart On Fire – Amanda Bouchet


his trilogy had so many plot threads and character arcs that could have been amazing, but a lacklustre finale filled with exposition and easy outs left me disappointed.

Fantasy romance is one of my favourite cross-genre combinations, but also the most difficult to find satisfaction in. When I read Amanda Bouchet’s  debut novel, A Promise of Fire, I thought I’d found another C.L. Wilson to love, autobuy and squee over. Unfortunately, books 2 and 3 have not lived up to the promise.

Heart of Fire concludes the Kingmaker Chronicles trilogy, and it’s not a book that stands alone. (Beware spoilers in this review, for they are impossible to avoid.) If you’re here for the romance, it’s done by the end of book 1 — maybe partway through book 2 — so all that’s left are somewhat boring and repetitive bonking scenes that show Cat and Griffin really, really love each other. And despite some seeds of doubt cast in the course of this story, I never really believe that their relationship is ever in peril.

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