The Kabala of Numbers by Sepharial


Šifra: BS-15102

Izdavač i godina: Thorsons Publishers Ltd., Northamptonshire, 1974.

Broj stranica: 387

Uvez: tvrdi

Format: 23,5 x 15,5 cm

Stanje: izvrsno


The Kabala of numbers is a book that concerns itself with the study of numerology. You may have heard about numerology, and you may think that it’s a completely mathematical topic. Turns out though that when explained correctly, numerology is not only pretty easy to understand but very spiritual in nature. For example you will quickly learn why scholars believe that holy ancient writings contain hidden codes. The same power of numbers that courses though the ancient scripts governs the growth of our civilization, weather and even the thoughts that you are about to have. Numerology recognizes the laws of these patters and ties your destiny to the faith of the universe. A few simple step by step instructions will uncover how your birth date, location, and name influence numbers that dominate your life. Besides your own destiny, numerology allows us to foresee the future of the humanity as the whole. It has throughout the past predicted the rise and fall of nations, statesman, and entire cultures.